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You can trace the roots of Madera Residential back to 1991, but the story really started in 2008 when we bought our first apartment deal, The Lakes at Madera in Baytown, Texas. We received more than just our name from this property, we learned what we’re made of. Tragedy struck twice just after the acquisition with the devastating landing of Hurricane Ike in September 2008, followed by the financial crisis in October of 2008.

The investment could have easily failed, but we kept our word. Partners at the time, Dave Marcinkowski, Charles Young, and Gary Hall came together and allowed these events to shape who we are today.

With the help of the same investors and the massive success of The Lakes at Madera, we acquired our second property in April 2010. We’ve since acquired over 80 properties, 20,000 units, for a total value of $2.0 billion. Our vision is to continue expanding our influence to people and communities across Texas and beyond.


Madera Residential is a leadership-driven company with a long-standing history of creating value in apartment communities.

It all starts by putting in the hard work to identify investment opportunities that suggest the greatest outcomes for our investors. Madera then makes substantial capital investments while simultaneously deploying our proven operational expertise, yielding an enhanced net operating position and positive community life, all while sticking to our core purpose-driven values:

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Madera has a history of stewarding good investments that produce strong results. Our team has a collective financial transaction experience exceeding $2.9 billion, and currently has 55 properties under management, with a total value of over $1.1 billion.

We are innovators first and foremost, driven by our values of Christ, Community, and Constant Improvement. Madera strives to streamline operations utilizing emerging technology and innovation through in-house development of our own property management software, IoT device solutions, and Madera’s own Asmartment lifestyle amenities program.

Meet the Team

David Marcinkowski

David Marcinkowski



Dave champions the Madera Residential values of Christ, community and constant & never-ending improvement. As the managing partner responsible for the day-to-day operations of the business, Dave acts as the chief visioneer for an organization bent on tech innovation, progressive thinking and transforming the resident experience.

Born and raised near Detroit, Michigan, Dave is the product of Albion College and the Keller Graduate School, concentrating studies in economics, accounting and project management. He began his multifamily career in 1992 with Edward Rose & Sons, bookkeeping for a multi-state operation that focused on workforce and military housing.

Joining Marquette Management in 1996, Dave gained considerable experience in on-site property operations. Marquette worked with institutional investors to buy core assets in diverse multi-state markets, and are well known for their tremendous concierge and customer service programs. Dave leveraged his position as Director of Training to author operating manuals and training for every on-site position at Marquette. It was this training and experience, paired with an entrepreneurial spirit, that prepared him to lead a team of his own.

After forming a new partnership in July of 2008 with Charles Young & Gary Hall, the new team began purchasing assets under the name Madera Residential, starting with a 396 unit acquisition in Baytown, TX. Throughout his tenure at Madera, Early on, Dave fine-tuned his management strategy while fee-managing 6,000 units. Throughout his tenure, he repositioned the Madera portfolio to over 19,000 owned and managed units across almost 80 properties.

Dave is now a pillar in industry circles, having served in leadership roles for the National Apartment Association and as the past-President of the Texas Apartment Association. Under Dave’s visionary leadership, Madera Residential is now solidly an innovative technology firm operating in the multifamily space. While continuing to manage a large portfolio, his team is now developing disruptive software, hardware, and communications solutions to increase profitability and create happier, healthier communities.

David Marcinkowski

Charles Young



As an active managing partner on the Madera Residential leadership team, Charles currently lends his leadership expertise to property acquisitions, debt strategy, equity and asset management.

While working full-time in the 80’s and 90’s for Roche Pharmaceuticals in sales, sales training, district sales management, and business unit management, Charles embarked on his first venture in real estate. In 1991, along with two other partners, he began investing in multifamily through the purchase of a twenty-four-unit complex in Andrews, TX out of the Resolution Trust Corporation. And, thus began his career in multifamily real estate.

In 1996 Charles joined Hurt & Stell to oversee property management, supporting an owned portfolio of 860 units for the two partners. Under his leadership the partnership grew its portfolio with the purchase of small to medium-sized multifamily projects, while Charles grew into a budding entrepreneur.

In December of 1998 Charles oversaw the growth of a fee management portfolio that spread across the West Texas, DFW and Houston areas of Texas, and into Arizona, Florida and Indiana. Over the course of nine years, through 2006, the fee managed portfolio exceeded 6,000 units. It was this exercise where Charles honed his skills in growing new markets and developing a successful strategy of value-add repositioning. In July 2008, Charles, along with Dave Marcinkowski & Gary Hall, began purchasing assets under their new partnership, Madera Residential, starting with a 396 unit acquisition in Baytown, TX.

Since 2008 Madera Residential has acquired roughly $1.25 billion of multifamily assets in around 80 apartment communities, all involving heavy to light value add reposition.

David Marcinkowski

Gary Hall



As an active partner on the Madera Residential team, Gary provides leadership for all phases of construction and repositioning activities, including rebranding strategies and design, scope development, contract negotiation and project management.

Gary received his Bachelor of Science in Construction from Texas A&M University and holds an MBA in Finance from Texas Tech University.

Gary spent the early years of his multifamily career as an Acquisition Officer. In that role, he helped manage each facet of the investment process; underwriting deals, contract negotiation, due diligence, financial analysis and construction. It is this combination of experience and skills that makes Gary such a unique contributor to this diverse group of managing partners.

Gary loves being an active member of his church and enjoys partnering with ministries that help those in need. He lives in Lubbock, Texas with his two children, and spends his free time repurposing furniture as a “frustrated” woodworker and occasionally plays golf.

Throughout the course of his career, Gary has coordinated the renovation of over 80 multifamily assets, exceeding $160M and maintains a constant focus on developing cost-effective and creative solutions to maximize value for the Madera Residential team.

David Marcinkowski

Alton Smith



As one of the four active managing partners of Madera Residential, Alton leads the corporate financial practice. In this role, he guides all financial initiatives, with a focus on completing profitable real estate transactions. He also works with Madera’s investor community to facilitate equity raise and distribution of returns. Alton’s years of negotiating and managing commercial real estate transactions in multiple markets brings substantial experience to Madera’s strategy of buying, repositioning and selling properties.

Alton brings an extensive track record of financial management to the team. For 25 years, he served in the corporate headquarters of Lubbock-based Furr’s Cafeterias, where he served in various positions including Tax Director, Controller, Treasurer, Vice President of Finance, as well as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of publicly-traded (NYSE) Furr’s/Bishop’s Inc. before the company ultimately moved its headquarters to Dallas, TX. The Furr’s group of companies owned and operated over 180 manufacturing, warehousing, transportation, and retail locations across 17 states.

Following his tenure at Furr’s Cafeterias, Alton became Associate Chief Financial Officer of the Texas Tech University System, where he was responsible for the offices of Investments, Debt, Risk Management, and Accounting & Finance for the Texas Tech Foundation.

Before joining the Madera Residential team in 2009, Alton was a principal in a company developing commercial real estate projects for investors, which included multifamily projects in Lubbock, TX.

Alton holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting from Texas Tech University and is a Certified Public Accountant.

Since its founding, Madera Residential’s collective financial transaction experience exceeds $2.7 billion.


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